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Venpay is today one of the major operators in the provision of telemetry and payment (pos management) services for the vending industry. On top of this activities, Venpay is the parent company of Coin Services, the market leader in Italy for the collection, transportation and counting of cash in the vending industry
In October 2017 Venpay acquired form Your Voice SpA its business, activities and brands (BITX and Moneytor), therefore merging the best assets and competences available in Italy and Europe, to create one of the leading opeators at the european level for telemetry & payment services dedicated to the vending industry. 


BITX is the name originally given to a Machine 2 Machine platform developed by Your Voice in 2004, and which afterwards was renowned and imposed itself as market leader in Italy and Europe, thanks to a specific customization for the vending industry: BITX for Vending.
Moneytor is the evolution of Bitx for Vending and consists of a hardware / software ecosystem designed for the acquisition, management and visualization of data coming from vending machines.
Are you a System Integrator or Software Developer and you are interested to integrate your software with our telemetry system, contact us.