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Supported devices

The Moneytor system is subject to constant certification for “plug&play” communications with all major Italian and foreign manufacturers of VMs and payment systems. The currently certified manufacturers are: Bianchi Vending, Coges, Crane, Ducale, Fage, Fas, GPE, Jofemar, Manea, Mei, Necta (N&W), NRI, Saeco, Sanden Vendo. Nonetheless, it is possible to integrate the Moneytor system with any vending machine and payment system compliant with the following characteristics: • Vending machines compliant with EVA-DTS protocol • Cash Management systems compliant with EVA-DTS protocol (EXECUTIVE, MDB o DBV)

Integration with management systems

Easy integration with any business management software (ERP), using standard protocols. Moneytor is already integrated with some of the best-known management software in the business: GD Gestione Distributori by Target Informatica and Vega Windows by Digisoft. If you have a system management and/or would like to submit an integration project, contact us.