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Moneytor Feed is a service designed to facilitate the integration of telemetry data from vending machines, with any vending management software.

Service setup and configuration

Right after you activate the service, Moneytor’s technical support team will install and configure a specific “integration connector” for your systems. Once this is done, the vending management software system will have a local or a remote location to access the main operating data of the VMs connected to the system (sales, alarms, cash).
The integration procedures used are based on leading edge technologies (cloud – web services – S.O.A.) and support many security levels, from standard FTP/SFTP, to procedures based on IPSEC and VPN tunnels.


  • Sales and revenue data by vending machine, by geographical area, by time unit, or by product. Everything under control, 24 hours a day.
  • More efficient and timely planning of stocking, avoiding “out-of-stock” and consequently maximising sales.
  • Real-time display of alarms generated by the vending machine, with the possibility of forwarding the report by e-mail to selected addressees.
  • Product catalog set-up, detailed planograms and generation of stocking priority lists.
  • Report generation engine, export of sales data to CSV and Excel, generating graphs that can be exported in PDF format.



Integration with management systems

Easy integration with any business management software (ERP), using standard protocols. Moneytor is already integrated with some of the best-known management software in the business: GD Gestione Distributori by Target Informatica and Vega Windows by Digisoft. If you have a system management and/or would like to submit an integration project, contact us.