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Moneytor Web is the system that lets you control your machines 24/7, accessing them from any internet-connected PC, tablet or smartphone. Moneytor Web includes both hardware and software. Our multi-function Vending Box is purchased upon subscription, while the software is provided as a fee-paying “service”. The system’s functions are constantly updated and made available to all active customers.
Buy a Vending Box today and start trying out our Moneytor system on one of your machines immediately!



  • Sales and revenue data by vending machine, by geographical area, by time unit, or by product. Everything under control, 24 hours a day.
  • More efficient and timely planning of stocking, avoiding “out-of-stock” and consequently maximising sales.
  • Real-time display of alarms generated by the vending machine, with the possibility of forwarding the report by e-mail to selected addressees.
  • Product catalog set-up, detailed planograms and generation of stocking priority lists.
  • Report generation engine, export of sales data to CSV and Excel, generating graphs that can be exported in PDF format.